Keys to be a successful online shopper

Currently we are living in an ever-more virtual world, where most products and services have adapted into online catalogs and e-commerce platforms.. But with the growing diversity of online possibilities we are left with some questions; How can we shop online efficiently ?
How do I know if I’m managing my money properly? Is this an informed purchase? Have a weighed all my options? Today we’re going to talk about some keys to be successful while shopping online and might help us navigate feel more confident while browsing the web for the things we want and need.

Manage your needs

PlanningPlanning is always the best tool for success. Make lists categorizing your specific day-to-day needs, for example: Home : White bedsheets, kitchen floor-mat , dessert plates. Then, you assign an order of priority using whatever system makes you comfortable. I like using a star-rating system, like so: Home : White bedsheets***, kitchen floor-mat* , dessert plates**
This way you can concentrate on those articles that need a more immediate puches but can still see what else you need in case an offer pops-up that you just can’t let pass by.

Visualize your buy

Sometimes, we know we need to buy one thing in specific but when we go online there are so many colors, shapes, sizes, design and prices that we’re just overwhelmed and end up not buying anything at all. This is because, unlike going to a brick and mortar store where there is literal limited availability, the internet offers endless options and possibilities, which is a great advantage of online shopping but can sometimes make the decision-taking process frustrating. Visualizing the ideal version of what we are looking for will help you browse more accurately. You can use your imagination or just simply use one of the many resources the very same internet provides, like Pinterest, or your favorite lifestyle blog or even social media.

Describing precisely the right object is a great way to narrow down your choices
Manufacture: Artisanal, Conventional, Sustainable
Origin: Local or Imported
Delivery time:

Schedule your shopping

Black FridayDates in which we do our shopping are important to ensure we stay in budget. Always be prepared to look for the best offers on holidays; Black Friday, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day. Also be aware of when season’s change, summer clothes is best bought in the fall, just as January is optimal when looking for toys. In a supply and demand system, the higher the demand the higher the price, if you buy off-season you can really game the system.

Mind your budget. Always

credit cardsWhat if I need a bathing suit for vacation and it’s already summer? Am I going to miss all the deals? Sure, you won’t have season change deals, but that doesn’t you can’t make a heck of a buy. Before buying, compare all options available to make sure which one fills your criteria the best. Make sure your delivery times are the most convenient and before checking out, look for coupons which are significant in keeping you on budget.

Another resource that we tend not to take advantage of is our credit cards. And, obviously, I don’t mean to max them out or pushing them to their limits. Don’t do that. But, credit cards do offer benefits that we barely think about on our daily lives. Some credit cards work like club memberships that give you exclusive pluses on certain establishments like 2-for-1 in services, special discounts, traveler’s miles, cash-backs, and instant prizes. It’s always a good practice to check out if there is some promotion associated to a specific card.


A good practice to get into is reading reviews. Reviews from reliable sources will always help you understand the product better. Through someone else’s experience you can determine quality, size, what the experience with the seller is like, almost see the real thing right in front of you. When looking for reviews, however, i’t’s always best if

Relax and enjoy

you have a few of them, opinions are different and you may find you agree with one point-of-view rather than another.

Trust your instinct

At the end of the day, nobody knows what you need better than you. Put stake on your own opinion, on your imagination, do your own reviews. You’ll find that with time and experience you’ll get better and better on you online shopping. Practice makes perfect. Relax and enjoy the experience.