Choosing the right bike for you or your kids

The following assumes you are interested in a bike for bicycling on the roads, which is suitable for walks in the day, for training, some tours, go to work, or simply move around the city. I also assume that you have not had much experience in buying a bike in recent years.

The information provided begins with models that can be used for any number of purposes.

We also give you a guide to choose the right bike for your daughter or son.

Mountain BikeMountain Bike

Mountain bikes are built with components and the use of protuberances, wider tires for better traction and stability. Many features on the front suspension fork damping at the front of the bike to smooth rough terrain and roads.

Mountain bikes mostly come with three gears in the front and eight or nine gears on the rear wheel, for a total of 24 or 27 speeds. The three forward gears allow more options for easy pedaling in difficult and steep hills.

Some designs also use mountain bike rear suspension, which absorbs more blows for comfort and control. Mountain bikes without suspension are available and are generally lighter and less expensive.

Track BikesTrack Bikes

Track Bicycle light, stylish and built to meet riding at high speed on smooth road track. High pressure tires are thinner than hybrid styles of the mountain, making them faster and slightly less stable at the new pilots. If you have not bought a bike trail for a while, you’ll be amazed by the advances of the past decade.

The major benefit of a new bike track is integrated shifter and brake levers. This allows you to switch gears and apply the brakes without moving your hands off the brake levers. Trail bikes designed for casual use and pleasure riding a triple gear in front, with nine teeth on the rear wheel, allowing wider ranges for steep hills gears.

Riding Track Bicycle with performance oriented for racing, usually they have two gears in the front and nine gears in the rear, because the riders need higher competition changes.

The curved handlebars of the bike track offers more hand positions, and a lower, more aerodynamic than a mountain bike position. These new bikes have almost nothing in common with the old 10-speed that can still be in the basement or shed.

Ride BikesRide Bikes

Designed to cover great distances in relative comfort. In contrast to track bikes are higher performance, ride bikes have eyelets for attaching racks. They also have gear and stable handling required for carrying heavy loads.

Ride bikes generally use mountain bike brakes for more stopping power, and heavier materials framework to combat stress associated with increased weight loads toured with gear.

The driving position in a bike ride is generally vertically to relieve tension in the lower back and to provide good vision to see the colorful landscape.

BikeHybrid BikesBikeHybrid Bikes

As the name implies, the hybrid is a combination of characteristics of both mountain and trail bikes. It is the SUV of the cycling world and is essentially a mountain bike with larger wheels (700cc, the same size as a bike trail) and narrower tires.

The idea is that this combination allows you to travel more efficiently over longer distances while remaining stable and worth the occasional trip on a track or single track road not technical.

Hybrid bikes are perfect if you’re looking for the selections of multiple gears and vertical position, the comfort it offers a mountain bike and the good performance of a bike trail. Ideal for work or riding a bicycle causal.

Comfort / Cruise BikeComfort / Cruise Bike

The comfort and cruiser bikes are built to ride for recreation, usually for bike paths, on level ground. The tires can be very wide and smooth, but often softer than a mountain bike tire version.

Comfort bikes have an upright, unlike a racing bike that you are bent to reduce wind resistance. Many bicycle seat cushions and comfort include suspension seat posts that help make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Weight is a minor problem, and many cyclists add mirrors, lights and bags to carry objects and their bikes reflective tape comfort.

Cyclocross BikeCyclocross Bike

Cyclocross is a sport initiated by professional riders who want to keep fit through the cold, wet winters. Indeed, it is the combination of mountain bike racing track and run.

Most of the races last about an hour and are conducted on short routes that are off the track, but not as technically demanding as a mountain biking circuit.

There are regular barriers. Runners should be lowered to these sections and take their bikes while running. Cyclocross bike is essentially a bike trail that has a more lasting framework, wider and knobby tires, but is light enough to carry while running. A cross bike will lower the running style position and a road bike.

Triathlon BicycleTriathlon Bicycle

Triathlon bikes are variations on the theme of road bike, but are designed to provide a more aerodynamic riding position.

The Tri-bikes use a clip aero-bars (short for aerodynamic handlebars) and specific wheels to make even more aerodynamic.


Motocross or BMX bike as it is commonly known, is a sport for smaller bikes riding off the track on a dirt track. BMX has several disciplines including jumping, ramp riding, racing and freestyle.

There are variations on the standard BMX bicycle, but most use the same style: 20-inch wheels with wide knobby tires, a small square and chunky components designed for rough use.

Freestyle bikes will footrest or extensions framework to fall back when stunts are performed while jumping bikes may have a slightly different structure.

Folding BicyclesFolding Bicycles

Folding bikes are bicycles useful way, especially if you do not feel comfortable leaving your bicycle out in the open as it can be folded and stored indoors, so it is virtually thief-proof.

They are also very useful if you want to cycle the whole distance from home to work, and that can be folded and carried in public transport (including rail, bus, metro, ferry and air services). They are also very useful if you do not have much space at home.

How to choose bicycles for children

You must consider that for children the ring is what essentially indicates the extent of the right size, but remember that is the adjustment of the seat height that finally the tonic for the bicycle indicated.

You should take as a reference the height of the child at the time of choosing the bicycle rather than age, so choosing the right wheel diameter:

Age of child Size Ring
2 to 4 12
3 to 5 14
4 to 6 16
5 to 7 18
6 to 9 20
10 to 11
12 or more 26

The ring 12 with the seat adjusted to the minimum fine for a 3 year old, grows when you go up the seat until it seems small bike, hence has to go to the ring 16 with the saddle to the minimum again and so it will be necessary for smaller children have a bicycle which to insert and remove the rear wheels, which will help maintain stability while learning to ride a bicycle.

The Accessories

When you make a purchase a bike, do not forget these crucial add-ons:

  • Town (this is a must!)
  • Seat package
  • Lock lock
  • Hydration pack, or water bottles and bottle cages
  • Spare tubes
  • Portable bicycle pump
  • Gloves

The Right Price

Entry Level – You’ll find a wide range of comfort bikes and cruise into this category, as well as some low-level bicycle road and mountain bikes. Most have steel frames and components designed to last for several years with frequent use.

Middle Level – Bicycles at this level can provide a lightweight aluminum frame with mid-level components that remain after performing miles of use. If you are looking for a quality bike that is relatively lightweight and face abuses, this is the “sweet spot”. More serious bikes for travel and tourism fall into this category, as are mountain bikes mid-level with proper front suspension.

High Level – Runners and supporters waiting serious, high-performance components lightweight prefer to enter this category. For track or road bikes, exotic frame materials (carbon fiber, titanium) and ultra-light components can add thousands of pesos price. Mountain bikes in this class often feature advanced a front and rear suspension technology as well as components designed to handle a lot of action on steep trails.

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