Performance Denim // LIGHT WASH BLUE

Performance Denim // LIGHT WASH BLUE



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See "About Product" for laundering guidance Non-Iron Mid-Rise Extreme Stretch Ultra-Soft Handfeel Tapered Fit Hidden Zipper Pocket Performance Denim: Cotton / Polyester / Viscose / Spandex Dysfunctional denim is dead. Our Performance Denim has the premium look of your favorite brands with added performance features to keep you moving with comfort and ease, and gives your a#$ the upgrade it deserves. Can you do a split? Well, at least now you can try! Laundering guidance: Our Performance Denim is built to last, and can be laundered at home with ease, but the dyes used may fade over multiple laundering cycles. If you want to keep the color of your Denim for as long as possible, we recommend washing turning these inside out, washing them in cold water, and hang-drying them. We also recommend washing these on their own, as the dye may transfer to lighter-colored clothing.


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