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The Empress Stone is our bestselling patented facial gua sha tool designed to lift, sculpt, tone, and de-puff the skin. Perfected for over two years by Wildling founders, an acupuncturist and holistic esthetician with thousands of hours of experience using facial gua sha in the treatment room. The Empress Stone is artisan crafted from sustainably sourced Bian stone, an amalgamate of 40+ minerals known for their healing properties. Each edge of the tool is intentionally designed and tested to yield the best possible results.  

Known for its rejuvenating properties, Bian stone formed when a meteor struck a mountain in China 65 million years ago. This stone emits energy known for antioxidant and anti-aging benefits, including a measurable ultrasound pulsation and a far-infrared wave.  It also emits negative ions, known to promote relaxation and overall well being.

Featured on "Good Morning America".

We recommend protecting this stone with the Stone Pouch, this natural stone is fragile when dropped on a hard surface.

peta cruelty free Fair Trade Vegan Sustainable

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