12 Practical Uses of the Apple

The aThe apple is a favorite fruitpple is a favorite fruit for its nutritional value and its large health benefits.

However in addition to these properties, the apple is extremely useful for other things that you even imagined.



Here we show 12 Practical uses of apple:

Migraine Relief

If you suffer from migraines, you know it’s very hard to explain the pain and discomfort it causes. Recent studies show that a green apple smell helps relieve discomfort caused by migraine.

Avoid Sugar Crystallization

When using blond or brown sugar this tends to make lumps and crystallize. To prevent this from happening, place a small piece of apple in a fabric bag in the container of sugar. The apple absorbs moisture which causes lumps.

Accelerates the maturation of other fruits

Some fruits emit a gas which is called ethylene which accelerates the ripening of other fruits. If you want avocados and bananas (plantains) are ready faster, just place an entire block along with the fruit you want to grow in a container.

Prevents some baked goods to dehydrate

The bread and other baked goods tend to dry out quickly, even when placed in sealed containers. To avoid this, put half a block in the container where the guards

Makes a roasted chicken is softer

Place an apple in the chicken before cooking, this will make it juicy and rich flavor.

Replace Butter

Delicious spreadable food that can make cooking 4 apples sliced 1/3 cup natural apple juice, a splash of lemon, cinnamon and vanilla to taste.

To softenpasses through processor until dough and refrigerate. It’s like applesauce, but ideal for spreading on bread and healthier than butter or margarine.

Natural Sweetener

Apples are a good way to replace sugar, since they add flavor without overwhelming the dish or drink. This fruit contains fructose which is healthier than white sugar, even that artificial sweeteners. Try adding grated apple to your meals instead of sugar and be amazed.

Facial MaskFacial Mask

The apple contains structural polysaccharides called pectin, which help the facial skin. For use as a facial mask, mash and mix with honey, then apply it on the skin. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes and then remove with water. It will leave your skin hydrated.

Helps to reduce Nausea

The apple contains a chemical called quercetin, which helps the immune system to limit the amount of histamine produced during an allergic reaction. Histamines are responsible for allergic symptoms, so reducing the amount can relieve allergy symptoms.

Snack as a Reward for the DogSnack as a Reward for the Dog

While there are many foods that dogs should not eat, apples are one of the healthiest and best fruits for canines. Apples are healthier than industrial treats for dogs, just have to make sure not to feed the center of the fruit. Apple seeds contain cyanide which is very poisonous to humans and animals.

Fix salty food

If you went from salt were preparing the food, just cut a few slices of apple and place them in the pot. The apple will absorb the salt without affecting the flavor of the dish.

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